Monster Party Crasher

Wakey wakey sleepy head!
Our monster is not very amused about the noise townsfolk are making nowadays. Woken up from the deep slumber, our grumpy sweetheart marches through the city to turn off the menace!

Avaiblable for OS X Linux Windows Android iOS

Tappy Car

Imagine driving your convertible through different landscapes. There are cows, other cars, houses, the ocean.

While driving, you should avoid obstacles, and collect tire caps. These, you can invest into new cars, and scenery.

Extras include a Police car, a paramedics van, the countryside, and the Big Apple, New York City!


In Development for Linux OS X OS X Android iOS

Japanese Kitchen Fighter

A fast paced two player game, located in a Japanese Kitchen! It’s not suitable for one player. So, find your friend, and go cutting vegetables.

It’s do or die – and cutting against the clock.

Peppers, cucumbers, sandwiches – there’s a lot to whittle. But avoid hacking wood – it will only hurt your hand edge.


Avaiblable for OS X Linux Windows Amazon Kindle Android iOS


What do players say?